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What is BTS? Behind the Scenes. This page takes a look at what went into creating a visual effect shot from our past works. Check back often for more updates.

I finally got some time to work on 2.0.1, episode two of the jogger project. When I originally finished the short, it was actually not finished. Some of the shots were rushed others were not finished or just abandoned. This was due to the fact that I had three weeks from start to finish.


As I began working on episode three (2.0.2), these issues with episode two were beginning to bug me. So I went back and pulled the frames for my archive and did what I didn’t have time to do before. Most of the reworked shots have subtle adjustments to them while others are a complete redo.  I could have easily worked on more shots, but I decided “what’s done is done.”


Now I think we are in a great place that launches us into episode three.  Episode three is as ambitious as it is exhilarating. It introduces us to three more characters. Plus we get insight to many of the questions we have, but there is a catch. Feel free to contact me. I will post updates and a teaser trailer soon so stay tuned.


Project Jogger Presents: 2.0.2.



Here is a side by side animatic comparison of my web series short 2.0. This is episode two as it stands now. As I began working on episode three, I kept coming back to the many things that were bugging me with episode two. Episode two was rushed into production because I thought I had three months to complete turned out to be three weeks--and this was from concept to screen. The rush was because I wanted to get episode two entered into GenCon 2015. Deadlines are quite the motivation. Some of the shots were not completed and others were clearly rushed.


Now that I have episode three laid out, I am revisiting episode two to clean up some of the shots that needed more loving attention. The challenge is that I am using new and different tools and Maya has changed significantly since the completion of episode two. Because of that, I will have to nearly rebuild the shots from the ground up. No pun intended. But this gives me the chance to set up episode three properly since there are some developmental look changes.


Episode three is the most exciting and ambitious segment yet with the introduction of three additional characters and a revelation no even our main character saw coming.  At least, you will know why our main character is on this barren planet with no clue as to how he got there and even better, why.


I always enjoy watching “behind the scenes” so, here is a look at another shot I did for the music video, Rain.


It was not necessary to create 3d assets of buildings on fire since the buildings were beyond “infinity.” However, it was necessary to create a 3d composition for the scene since the foreground plate has a camera move. I started with a stock image of a city skyline that I took into PhotoShop and cleaned it up and added damage to two of the taller buildings. I removed other buildings and duplicated parts of the picture to provide a balanced look. Once this background element looked reasonable good, I tracked it so that its subtle moves matched the actual foreground camera.  After adding atmospheric elements and explosions, I aligned the virtual camera with the foreground plate camera.


Many of the fine tweaking gets lost in this sped-up video, but you’ll get the jest.


Here's a tv replacement shot for the music video, Rain. At first it seems like a simple insert shot, but of course that's not the case. Because there is a slight and subtle camera perspective shift, the entire scene had to be 3d tracked before hanging the new tv on the wall. In addition, the old tv and its power cable had to be removed. Plus Shonna Bedford's hand and later in the shot, her upper right backside intersects the tv. I had to rotoscope those elements out to complete the shot.

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